About Us

WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES is a fully-equipped Maritime Training Facility, with High-technology teaching facilities that will enable you to further your training and knowledge in order to meet the new standards and upgrade your skills. Promoting safety and excellence for seafarers and shipping companies personnel, is our purpose.The WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES campus is built to function like a ship. The main building hosts offices, Mess room as well as gallery on the first floor. The ground floor host trainee’s dormitories, seamanship workshop, power generator, water tanks and laundry rooms etc. In 2013 WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES founded its own training centre - the WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES. Training Institute in India. From the very beginning MERCHANT was to be a non-commercial entity that provided quality-training. Accommodation and food for the participants at very nominal cost, in order to attract the best possible applicants. In 2013 WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES was founded as a Crew- Management Company to meet all international standards in shipping. WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES started out by managing the crew on Foreign Going vessels. At the same time BLUE WORLD MARINE ACADEMY started to provide trainees and qualified ratings and officers to shipping companies worldwide. WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES has earned itself a global reputation as a Centre of Excellence in maritime training and education, offering the highest training standards, world-class facilities, and a comprehensive range of courses. WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES operates on the premise that quality, excellence and commitment to client satisfaction are key to its existence. The Merchant Navy mainly deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by sea. It has different fleets composed of passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, Bulk carriers, Car carrier, containers as well as the other special types of vessels. Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo across the globe for Import & Export business.

The Merchant navy career option mainly includes the following category.

  • Navigating officers (Deck side officers)
  • Marine engineering Officers (Engine side officers)
  • Crew members (To assist the officers)
  • Specialized officers (Electrical officer, Radio officers)

  • Shipping companies offer these positions on contracts for a period of 6 to 9 months. After finishing the contract period, the officers can enjoy leave & whenever they want to join back, the company will absorb them immediately. Presently the demand for Marine Engineers & Deck officers is high worldwide. The shipping companies are facing great shortage for the Deck & Engine officers. Hence the trained persons are getting immediate job opportunities all over the world.


    They are responsible for the navigation of the Ship, the loading / discharge of cargo, radio communication and the control /safety of the crew, and passengers. The chief navigator of the ship is the master, who decides the course of the voyage and manoeuvres the vessel. He exercises complete control over the officers, crew and any passengers on board the ship. From the trainee cadet level, one will be promoted to captain of the ship with proper sea-experience & further exams.

  • Captain
  • Chief Officer
  • Second Officer
  • Trainee Cadets


    The ship's engineers have complete responsibility of the ship's engine room i.e., the main engine, boilers, pumps, hydraulic fuel systems the ship's electrical generating plant and distribution system. From the trainee engineering officer level, one will be promoted to Chief Engineer of the ship with proper sea-experience and further exams.

  • Chief Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Third Engineer
  • Fourth Engineer
  • Junior Engineering cadets