Boarding and Lodging:

Being a fully residential programmed, hostel facilities for the candidates consists of well-designed and hygienic modern amenities. Mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and pillow covers are supplies to each candidate on the date of joining for their use during the training.


Food served is of mixed cuisine to help candidates to get accustomed to various types of food preparations. The diet is balanced and the food is wholesome.


WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES will take necessary care about any emergency care about any emergencies. At the same time it is not responsible for any personal injury or any disease suffered by any trainee during their stay..


Candidates are provided with three different uniforms, one for academics, boiler suits for practical and gym gear for sports. In addition swim gear too is provided to each candidate. Candidates are required to be in uniforms while at WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES Campus

Sports And Recreational Facilities:

Time is allowed for recreation, which today is equally important for overall growth and is a part of the training. WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES offers facilities for games like table tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, indoor games like caroms, chess, swimming, etc. TV is also provided. A morning workout and ship cleaning activities are also a part of schedule.

Seamanship Lab:

WORLD OVER SEA SHIPPING SERVICES is fully equipped with seamanship lab with LSA and FFA equipment. The seamanship lab is equipped with all practical appliances of deck and engine room for the candidates to familiarize themselves.